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System of Objects
8th September - 31st October 2012 (may be extended). Ground and 4th floors, 55 Gracechurch Street, London EC3V 0EE. Next to Monument and Bank tube stations.

System of Objects 2 - the show will evolve and new works will be added and the show will re-open in December (date tbc)

Private View: Friday 7th September 6-9pm. Refreshments will be served.

Neela Basu, Dave Charlesworth, Young Choi, Sophie Collier & Claire Poulter, Alinka Echeverria, Rebecca Glover, James Irwin, Lily Johnson, Suki Seokyeong Kang, Liane Lang, Hannah Lees, Alan Magee, Chloe Dewe Mathews, Marcus Orlandi, Alejandro Ospina, Sean Pearce, Marianne Spurr, Alex Strachan, Jennifer Taylor, Max Wade, Amelia Whitelaw, George Winks.

A group show of sculpture, painting, video and site-specific work by London-based artists whose practices probe and question the meaning and materiality of the objects they work with.

Open every Friday 12-4pm until 31st October and by appointment (email or call 07415 908760)






Middle Land. 12th November - 15 December 2012. 22 Gas Street, Birmingham B1 2JT.

Drawings by artists in and around RCA sculpture, including students from Edinburgh College of Art who are friends of the course and are currently taking part in an exchange.

Cradeaux Alexander, Robert Cervera Amblar, Louise Ashcroft, Renata Heliodoro Bandiera, Stefania Batoeva, Anton Burdakov, Luke Burton, Alex Chalmers, Julia Curtin, Kate Davis, Freya Gabie, Katrin Hanusch, Richard Hards, Marlene Haring, Julius Heinemann, Josie Hillman, Steve Hines, Anna Hughes, Noga Inbar, Fritha Jenkins, Lucy Joyce, Lauren Kelly, Vesta Kroese, Lina Lapelyte, Eugene Nyee Macki, Christopher Minchin, Bryn Lloyd-Evans, Neza Agnes Momirski, Yana Naidenov, David Teager-Portman, Claire Poulter, Emily Price, Yves Scherer, Thomas Stephanblome, Charlie Godet Thomas, Jason Thomson, David Voggenhuber, Amelia Newton Whitelaw, Jim Woodall, Tiantian Zhu

A group crit was held in the space as part of the opening event. Kate Davis (RCA), David Moore (Edinburgh College of Art), Ruth Claxton (Eastside Projects) and Simon Taylor (Ikon Gallery) took part in the crit. Participating students spent a day in Birmingham and visited several prominent art spaces including Eastside Projects, The Lombard Method and Ikin Gallery.


Students and tutors discussing artworks during the crit event.


The Struggle Continues

A solo project by Eugene Nyee Macki

Touring : 1st July - 30th October 2012 2nd Floor, Aqueous 1, Birmingham B6 5RQ. 20th November 2012 - 28 January 2013 The Ellington Building, Leeds Valley Park, Leeds LS10 1AB.

Birmingham Private View : 19th October 3-8pm. Everyone welcome. Leeds private view dates tbc.

Viewings by appointment. To arrange a viewing please email

Departure Foundation is delighted to present a solo project by Eugene Nyee Macki. Eugene is one of our studio bursary recipients at Departure's warehouse space in Southall. Over the past six months he's been making a series of inter-related sculptures that play with the relationship between objects and performance - a selection of which are displayed in this show.

The light, playfulness of Macki's arrangement of objects contrasts the weight and bulkiness of his materials (stone, timber, metal). This tension seems to highlight the absence of the artist himself, almost willing him to return at any moment so that he might reconfigure the contents of the space again and again. Refusing to be fixed or finished, the materials give the viewer the feeling that they are imbued with an uncanny potential, threatening to animate and rearrange themselves the very moment we look away. Can objects be performative?; Can performance be instilled into a material or distilled into an aesthetic? Macki's work asks these questions as he energetically searches for his own unique sculptural language.









New Curators North East: 18th November 2012 - 10th January 2013



New Curators North East : 3 Exhibitions Curated By 3 Emerging Artists

18th November 2012 - 10th January 2013

Departure Foundation, Tower House (enter via main entrance at the back of the building), St Catherine's Court, Timber Beach Road, Sunderland SR5 3XJ. See map here. Parking is available.

Departure Foundation has invited each of the winners of our North East Student Art Prize, which took place earlier this year, to curate a group show. The three parallel shows are a chance for these ambitious emerging artists to exhibit alongside others whose work they find relevant or interesting and to develop dialogue, connections and opportunities for future collaboration.

Private View: Saturday 17th November 6pm - 9pm. Everyone welcome.

Open Fridays and Saturdays 12-4pm and by appointment (contact

Broadcast One. Curated by Mark Bleakley (Newcastle University). Finn McCullough, Milly Carter Hepplewhite, Eddy Robinson, Phil Frankland, Nadia Scola, Josh Wilson, Oscar Dempsey, Jess Hadfield, Faye Green, Beth Ramsay, Charlotte Kell, Lily Williams, Sam Purcell, Kirsty Alexander.

Across-the-board (-krôs-bôrd, -brd, -krs-) : adj. embracing all classes or categories without exception. Curated by Kimberley Emeny (Sunderland University). Rachael Allen, Madge Ball, Iain Clark, Laura Conlon, Lesley Cooperwaite, Kimberley Emeny, Barry Fox, Mark Gibson, James Hutchinson, Stephanie Lai, Bob Lawson, Sally Madge (guest of honour), Julie Norman, REN Photography, Melissa Smith, Jane Sutcliffe, Gordon Watson, Juli Watson, Adam Wilson.

Abstraction: Selected Work from Northumbria University. Curated by Emily White (Northumbria University). Lotte Andrews, David Billborough, Tim Croft, Sarah Daglish, Agnieszka Kozlowska, Mark Lyons, Lorna Brady and Nadia Marianni, Alisha McKnight, Sarah Riseborough, James Routledge, Jasper Weinstein Sheffield, Sarah Tod, Charlie Snow and Lyndsey-dee Usher.

Poster Image: Juli Watson, 'Resting' 2011


New Paintings by Sara Twomey, Building 3, Floors 2 and 3, City West Office Park, Leeds LS12 6NY. Exhibition ongoing throughout 2012.

Viewings by appointment - to arrange a viewing please email

Sara Twomey's paintings occupy the space between abstraction and representation. Familiar images and forms emerge momentarily, before dissolving into the abstract rhythms of her characteristically bold, thickly-daubed strokes of colour. Twomey's ongoing interest in the sublime as manifested through urban landscapes (the architectural sprawl of London and the imposing verticals of the tower blocks that surround her home) is taken a stage further in this exciting body of new work. Twomey studied painting at Canterbury School of Art, she lives and works in London, where we have supported her with provision of studio space in Departure's Hammersmith building.



Residency Exhibition Space, Square One, Heston

Our Heston exhibition space is currently closed and we looking to provide enhanced exhibition and educational facilities at our Southall premises. For more information please contact





MATTER 211212. A group show of painting and mixed media works curated by Sara Twomey.

Private view 21/12/12, 5-9pm.

Private view (closing celebration) 01/02/13, 5 - 9pm.

The show will be open from 10am – 4pm for the public to view on Wednesday 9th January, Thursday 10th January and Saturday 12th January. Then the following week on Tuesday 15th January, Thursday 17th January and Saturday 19th January. Viewings by appointment Sunday 20th January - Friday 8th February, contact



All Design : Works by Goldsmiths Research Architecture Graduates

27th September - 14th October 2012. Open Thursday - Saturday 1-5pm, and Sundays 1-4pm. Or by appointment.





Departure Foundation North East Student Prize

Work by selected students from art schools in the North East. 20th June - 30th October 2012.

Open for viewings: Saturday afternoons 23rd June, 30th June and 7th July 1-5pm, or by appointment.

To make an appointment please email:

Tower House, St Catherine's Court, Sunderland SR5 3XJ.

Opening event and prize-giving: Wednesday 20th June 6 - 9pm. First prize: £400, 2 x Runners-up: £100 each.

Winners: 1st Prize: Kimberley Emeny, Runners Up: Emily White and Mark Bleakley.

Images of the show











north east student prize poster


Boeing Way to Gas Street: Artists from Opposite Ends of The Grand Union Canal

27th April - 30th October 2012 (show may be extended)

2nd Floor, 22 Gas Street, Birmingham B1 2JT

Open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays 12 - 4pm.

A group show of work by artists from our Southall studios, London, and work by artists from around Birmingham.

Louise Ashcroft, Georgina Barney, Amelia Beavis-Harrison, Alex Brenchley, Ines Elsa Dalal, Ralph Dorey, Danielle Drainey, Susan Forsyth, Rebecca Glover, Rebecca Gould, Anne Guest, Steve Hines, Fritha Jenkins, Iwan Lewis, Eugene Nyee Macki, Greg Thomas, Rebecca Turner.

The Grand Union Canal runs alongside the Southall studios at Boeing Way and continues all the way to Gas Street Basin beside the exhibition space. By using the passage of the canal as a curatorial device, the show brings diverse works together to reflect on the relationship between these two major industrial cities in our post-industrial age.




Departure Birmingham




Helen Barff, Neela Basu and Alejandro Ospina.

1st June - 7th July - Exhibition open Saturdays 2-6pm.

8th July - 20th September- Viewings by appointment.

We have had some great feedback on the show and are therefore delighted to be able to extend it until the end of September. To make an appointment email

15-16 Harbour Exchange Square, Canary Wharf (1 min from South Quay DLR station).

Private view event Friday 6th July, 6-9.30pm.




The Sunderland Art Prize

9th March - 30 April 2012.

Tower House, St Catherines Court, Sunderland SR5 3XJ

Exhibition showcasing work by 25 shortlisted artists from the North East.

Ken Byers | Nicola Canavan | Katy Cole | Rebecca Cusworth | Graeme Durant | Kimberley Emeny | Gabriella Di Giorgio | Edwin Li | Kate Liston | Sally Madge | Rachel Magdeburg | Chloe Mercer | Christopher Morgan | Al Palmer | Rosanne Robertson | Tom Schofield | Annette Searing | James Sebright | Geoff Simpson | Emma Stark | Holly Watson | David Stedham | David Teager-Portman | Louise Todd | Karen Ward

Congratulations to the prize winners! - Joint first prize goes to Tom Schofield and Edwin Li, runners up are Rachel Magdeburg and Chloe Mercer. We would like to thank Alistair Robinson from the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art for judging the prize.






Departure Sunderland Art Prize

(click poster for more images)



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